Wise Word of the Moment #5: Awareness

It was Friday, March 9th and I crashed hard. The next several days were spent exhausted,
depressed, and spinning my wheels. I just  couldn’t get out of my own way. Always searching for
solutions, a spark of awareness dawned and I texted a friend, “Is Mercury Retrograde?”
After the “ding”, the words YES appeared and it all made sense! I always get effected
by this phenomena. It manifests for me in the form of mental obscurations
like depression, fogginess, not being able to get things done etc. This one rendered me almost
completely dysfunctional. However, after I identified the cause, my state of mind got
better. The power of the awareness cleared some of the confusion so that I was able
to get back to being somewhat normal.

Awareness will eventually dawn during a difficult time but a tarot reading will accelerate it.
It is like opening the curtains in a dark room. The rays of awareness come streaming in
and solutions dawn in this light. The energy is healing and revitalizing. Seeking out a
tarot reading is reaching out to the divine within, and awareness is the key to solving
our epic dilemma of being human.


Spiritual Places: Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona

Cathedral Rock
Sedona, Arizona

The walk to the vortex was a short one- accessible in just 5 minutes
from the parking lot on flat ground.

A vortex is a swirling center of energy coming from the Earth.

The energy was very peaceful, but unmistakably powerful.
It’s center emanated from one rock about 10 feet across. (Not pictured).
The park ranger called this vortex a “Buddha Land”.

People were inspired to spontaneously create cairns,
which were not made simply to mark a trail,  as is usually
seen in North America. Offerings to the magic and beauty
of the land, they ranged from the whimsical, to the religious,
to the realm of art and spirit.

Vortex at Cathedral Rock