Wise Word of the Moment #4: Letting Go

Letting go takes practice. It is our natural inclination to grasp:
at at things… at ourselves… at others… But all this grasping
does not do what we hope. It does not make us happy. It is
a prison of our own design.

Learning to let go is a process of trust and faith.
We think that by trying to control we will be in control.
Energy spent trying to control everything and everyone
around us is exhausting and ultimately useless. I remember going round
and round with my boyfriend- locked in an unhealthy dynamic of tension
and bickering. When I stopped it was a huge relief, a seemingly simple
solution- but it wasn’t when I was in it! I needed the instructions to
just let go. Our relationship immediately improved because I was able
to give the other person space. We all need space and sometimes we are
not aware of the stranglehold we are exerting on others.

Developing trust and faith in a spiritual process is the first step.
It’s easier then. When we know that getting back to our true nature is
the most important thing, it makes outside stuff boring. The mall looses
it’s allure. To really have the capacity to love rests in letting go.
It’s a seeming paradox but the more we let go, the more able we are to love.

By Boston Tarot Parties

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