Wise Word of the Moment #3: Meeting Someone

When am I going to meet someone?

When you stop going from your bed to work to home
(in front of the T.V.)  to the fridge back to your bed.

Of course, a psychic tarot reading can always help.
The reader can possibly see where the blocks to a relationship lie
and how to fix the problem. They can potentially predict who you will
meet and when.

There are also practical steps you can take.

Here are some ideas:

Reach out!

Join a Meet Up group and explore things that interest you.
You will meet other people with common interests.
The potential for meeting “someone” increases exponentially!

In Boston, MA the Museum of Fine Arts hosts a singles night.
From their website MFA.org:

“Begin each month in a unique and stylish atmosphere at MFA First Fridays. Join us in the Koch Gallery for fine art, live music, cash bars featuring signature cocktails, and delicious tapas available for purchase. Relax and unwind in a beautiful setting with friends both old and new.”

MFA First Fridays Musical Lineup for the rest of 2012:

March 2—Andy Baer Jazz Ensemble
April 6—DJ Deja
May 4—DJ Rich DiMare
June 1—April Hall Trio (Vocalist, Piano, Upright Bass)

And on FaceBook, the Secret Boston page always has interesting things to do.

By Boston Tarot Parties

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